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A happy wedding of happy people

Finally I managed to find time to add this wedding to my portfolio.

What can I say.. Taika and Jaakko are one of the kindest and warmest people I have ever met. Their wedding was so full of happiness and joy and love and love and love. I wish I could visit that wedding every weekend. Memories of this wedding fill me with such gratitude for my own family and for being able to photograph weddings for a living. I absolutely wouldn't want to do anything else.

Well the venue Berghyddan was new to me and it was such beautiful and unique place. Beautiful and rustic and so close to the center of Helsinki that's it's easy to continue partying downtown later on.

This wedding was full of speeches and what kind speeches! I cried and I think all the guests cried as well. I can't get over the amount of love in the air that night. And the rest of the night was just full of dancing and fun.

Go and check out rest of the pictures:

This is one the guests sending the wedding couple some love during speeches.

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